Word games

Even if Alzheimer's doesn't run in your family, it doesn't hurt to help your loved one keep their mind fine-tuned. Word games such as Scrabble can help in this area, encouraging them to work quickly and to use their wit. Additionally, word games make great family fun and social interaction can often increase anyone's spirits.

A walking stick

The older a person gets, the less mobility they have. Over 50% of falls among older adults take place at home. As your loved one ages, it may be a particularly good idea to get them a walking stick as a gift. However, let it be known that a walking stick doesn't have to be boring. A walking stick can come in different colors and woods such as natural Irish blackthorn and hazelnut root.

Wooden walking canes and decorative canes also come in a variety of styles and wood types, which makes this gift especially heartwarming. If your loved one likes horses, dogs, or even ducks, decorative walking canes come in a variety of styles with animal carvings on the handle. Folding canes are also available for the person on the move.

Bath grips

It can be dangerous for an elderly loved one to get in and out of the shower or bathtub, which is why a safety grip for the tub may be a great gift to keep your loved one safe. A bath grip is sturdy with two suction cups on either end that attach firmly to any smooth surface. The bath grip is also portable, which makes it easy to use as an elderly loved one travels to their children's homes.

When considering a gift for an elderly loved one, rather than choosing a gift that will sit on their mantelpiece or piano, consider getting them a gift that they will find particularly useful. Word games encourage family fun and stimulate your loved one's memory. And a walking stick and bath grip will help them move and gain independence, which heightens their confidence and gives them back a sense of accomplishment.