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How to Improve Your Mobility and Get Back Out There

How to Improve Your Mobility and Get Back Out There

As you age, staying active becomes incredibly important not only to maintaining your health, but also to maintaining your independence. Accepting the fact that you have mobility issues may be challenging. And the fact that one in four American adults experience a fall every year can be scary. But sitting in a chair watching the world go by isn't doing you any favors; it can cause blood clots, heart disease, and worst of all, it can be incredibly boring.

Be unafraid to have fun and get out there. Your senior years shouldn't be any less adventurous. Here are three tips to help improve your mobility and get you back up on your feet.

Use the right type of walking aid

Everyone's mobility needs are different. Your brother may be fond of wooden canes. Your neighbor may use a walking stick. And your best friend may be fond of using a horse head cane to stay classy even when working through a hip injury.

Be sure that when you choose a walking aid, you know how to use it and that it supports your needs. Classy canes may look snazzy, but if you need palm grip canes in order to properly get around then find another means of spicing up your walking aid.

Improve your balance

The reason why palm grip canes and other walking aids exist is that you need to them to maintain your balance while you walk. Without proper balance, you could suffer from slips or falls.

Your balance is created by your back, buttocks, hips, and core. By strengthening these areas of the body you can improve your balance and reduce your risk of falls. Some exercises to strengthen these parts of your body include:

  • Back leg raises
  • Side leg raises
  • Standing on one foot

Be sure that you have someone to assist you during these exercises such as a caretaker, home nurse, or exercise instructor.

Begin dieting

Dieting doesn't have to mean losing the foods that you love to eat. But it does mean changing the way that you eat so that your body gets the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly.

By removing soft drinks from your diet and replacing them with water, you can stay hydrated and reduce the number of headaches you have and how tired you feel. Dieting also gives your muscles the nutrition they need in order to grow and give you more available movement.

Losing mobility can often feel like losing your freedom. But by using the right walking aid -- like walkers, palm grip canes, or even a cane with a seat -- you can improve your mobility immensely. Stay active, improve your balance, and reduce the amount of junk food you eat in order to keep your body healthy and moving.