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Welcome to House of Canes!

Carbon Fiber Canes

To get the ultimate lightweight experience with a beautiful textured look, choose carbon fiber. Each carbon fiber cane is crafted with premium carbon fiber materials and advanced technology, making this the lightest and strongest cane to ever be made. Weighing less than a pound, these super light canes make walking a breeze and carrying as easy as can be.

Our wide selection of carbon fiber canes come in both straight and folding styles in a variety of colors to meet your individual needs. We also carry models that have adjustable shafts to fit all of our customer’s heights. For the latest in cane technology, be sure to check out the most innovative canes on the market today at House of Canes!

Hand Carved Spiral Derby

We are excited to introduce you to our new store and completely new and expanded range of Canes, Walking Sticks, Umbrellas, Men’s Gifts, and Home Care Accessories. We have searched to world to bring these products to you and are proud to offer many items made in the USA.

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