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Choosing a Walking Cane 3 Questions for Seniors to Ask

Approximately 6.8 million Americans use assistive devices like wooden canes to aid in their mobility. But if you aren't sure how to go about choosing a cane for walking, you're certainly not alone. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a cane, including size, design, and your personal mobility needs. We'll take a closer at these below.

1) Can a cane serve your needs?

Before you start looking at the available selection of classy canes, you need to determine whether using a cane is the right choice for you at all. There are all kinds of conditions that can be helped with canes and walking sticks, like arthritis, balance issues, injuries to the leg or foot, stamina issues, and general joint weakness in the legs or hips. However, not every senior should opt for a cane when choosing a mobility device. If your balance issues are quite severe or you have significantly decreased weight-bearing capabilities, a walker or wheelchair may be a better option.

2) What size do you need?

Most canes are adjustable, but you'll still need to know the ideal length you require. If your cane is too tall or too short, you'll sacrifice both comfort and safety. Have a loved one measure the distance from your relaxed wrist joint to the floor. This will reflect the right cane length for your height. Alternatively, you can divide your height by two; your cane length should be within an inch of this number. If you're particularly tall or short, it's important to look into canes for sale that are designed specifically with your height needs in mind. Many classy canes come in extended heights just for this purpose.

2) Do you want to make a statement?

Many seniors thing that getting a cane has to be depressing or has to look boring. But the reality is that you can actually make your mobility aid into a fashion statement. If you're a stylish senior or just want to make getting around more fun, there are beautiful, outlandish, and downright classy canes available in all sorts of designs. From florals and animal prints to jewel tones and natural wood grain, you can have your pick of canes that actually enhance your own experience (and your outfits).


Remember that there's nothing embarrassing about needing a little extra help to get around. And while it's extremely important that your cane provides the physical assistance you need, you don't have to sacrifice on looks. For more information, contact House of Canes today.