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7 Industry Changing Uses for Carbon Fiber

7 Industry Changing Uses for Carbon Fiber

For elderly individuals, more than half of all falls happen at home. As we age, balance and mobility can suffer. Worldwide, people depend on mobility devices like canes to get around. There are many different materials they can be made from. One such material is carbon fiber. Given its lightweight and high strength properties, carbon fiber is used to make many different products. Here are just a few.

Carbon Fiber Canes

If you need an assistive walking device occasionally, but not all the time, you could look into a carbon fiber folding cane. They can fold up to store for your convenience, and are lighter than wood.


Many car parts are made with carbon fiber to make them lighter without sacrificing strength and rigidity. First, we had wooden carriages pulled by a horse, then we had steel framed cars, then aluminum came into the mix, now carbon fiber is in the hot seat.


For bike riders, race car drivers, and contact sports players, carbon fiber helmets are safe. They protect you while reducing the weight carried on your head.


More and more musical instruments are being made with carbon fiber today. This is because they produce a surprisingly good sound, are more durable, and people like the aesthetic.


Leather wallets wear over time. Carbon fiber wallets do not. They have the added benefit of blocking RFID signals on your credit card, preventing theft.


If you like the looks of carbon fiber, wearing rings made of it can be quite the statement.


Entire bicycles are being made from carbon fiber today. They are largely for road races where bicyclists travel at rapid speeds for long distances.

Carbon fiber canes for better mobility, bikes, helmets, guitars, and all the other fantastic things made with carbon fiber are more durable, lighter, and aesthetic that many of the alternatives. The discovery of this material revolutionized almost every industry it has been used in. Mobility devices are just beginning to use carbon fiber, but it is catching on. When people have or companies have a need for a sturdy yet lightweight material in a product, carbon fiber is their new go to.