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Top 5 Fascinating Canes Through History

Top 5 Fascinating Canes Through History

Each year in the United States, one in four elderly individuals falls down. This can cause hip fractures, sprained or broken wrists, and a number of other injuries that can make life difficult for older people. Canes or walking sticks have been the tried and true method of mobility assistance for most of human history, and it is no different today. Using canes for better mobility can improve your quality of life, and be a stylish alternative to other walking aides. Besides, there are many cool walking canes that have been used throughout history.

1. Sword

Canes can be supportive in many different ways. Some custom walking canes were used as a surrogate sword for civilians. Some canes were discreetly disguised as swords for those who might be in need of a protective weapon. Other 'swordsticks' were used offensively.

2. Club

Ostensibly a walking stick for those who traveled long distances, the club features an extended ball grip that was sometimes was hollowed out and filled with metal to increase weight. These clubs have been used in altercations both defensively and offensively.

3. Nordic Walking

This is an interesting approach to assistive walking, as it is the practice of using two ski poles, one in each hand, to hike. This provides a full body exercise for athletes, but has also been used as a mobility assistance technique.

4. Tippling Canes

Typically used to store alcohol, tippling canes have a hollowed out section in the handle and base of the cane that allows for discreetly hidden small items. This could be a spy message, a compass, or even candy. Of the many canes for sale, Tippling canes are certainly the most 'secret agent' kind.

5. Umbrella Cane

Who could forget the humble umbrella cane? If you're out for a nicely assisted walk and it starts to rain, you will stay dry. There are many umbrella canes for sale as they never fell out of favor like swords disguised as canes.

Most of the above aren't necessarily for better mobility, but to demonstrate that canes are not as boring as they might seem at first glance. There is a lot of fascinating history surrounding the fashion, the violent purposes, and the ingenuity surrounding canes.