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7 Classy Canes You'll Love Using in Public

7 Classy Canes You'll Love Using in Public

One of the leading causes of emergency room visits is accidental falls in the elderly population. Every 11 seconds, a senior citizen is treated for injuries sustained in a fall at hospitals nationwide. The most common way to prevent falls like this happening to you is by using an assistive walking device. Canes are quite useful but don't think that they can't also be stylish. Here are some classy canes you can feel comfortable using away from home.

Brass Cane Handles

One way to keep it classy away from home is by purchasing a brass cane handle to attach to your favorite wood. They can be crafted into shapes like a cobra head, a lion, or a simple handle of your choosing.


These can also be crafted into animal or object shapes, but are made from ivory, whalebone, or a number of other natural Scrimshaw materials.

Opera Style Handle

Instead of a curve, opera handles jut out from the shaft to make a perfect 'L' shape.

Rare Wood

White ash, genuine ebony, congo chestnut, and a number of other wooden canes are not only rare but striking as well. You'll be sure to turn heads with one of these canes.

Marble Swirl Handle

Made from acrylic to appear marbleized, these handles exude regality. Warning: people might mistake you for a king or queen.

Walking Sticks

Walking and hiking sticks are meant for, well, hikers. They might not be the most comfortable assistive device, but they conjure up wizardly imagery.

Nite Stick

This cane has a pristine shaft made from the wood of your choosing, topped with an orb-like handle made from pure ivory. This classy cane gives off a subtly mysterious energy to those taking notice.

If you are in need of an assistive walking device, worry not! The elegant cane options listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. There's a nearly endless number of combinations of handle shapes, sizes, materials, color, and the type of material used for the shaft. So kick off your shoes, and use you classy cane to hit the town.