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Seat Canes

Walking Cane with Seat

Our walking canes with seats are great for both practical and relaxation purposes. All our sitting canes provide durable support when closed and a comfortable seat to rest on when opened. These canes are perfect for users on-the-go as they are lightweight, sturdy and will always provide a convenient seat to rest on if needed. Whether you need it as a walking aid or simply for a seat, we have a model that is suitable for you.

With strong aluminum construction, our walking canes with seats provide ultimate security and durability. We have various sitting cane design options that are adjustable and non-adjustable, making it easy to select the model that fits you best. Check out what House of Canes has to offer today!



Hand Carved Spiral Derby

We are excited to introduce you to our new store and completely new and expanded range of Canes, Walking Sticks, Umbrellas, Men’s Gifts, and Home Care Accessories. We have searched to world to bring these products to you and are proud to offer many items made in the USA.

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