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Bariatric Canes

To get comfortable, yet durable support that makes walking easier, make sure to choose bariatric canes from House of Canes. These heavy-duty canes have strong frames that are intended to help support individuals up to 500 pounds walk with ease.

We carry both metal and wood bariatric canes that are available in quad cane styles as well as traditional one tip styles to best suit you.

In order to meet all of our customer’s needs, we carry all shapes and sizes of bariatric canes. Our wood canes come at a standard height of 44”, but can be cut down to any size to fit your specific height and our metal canes vary in length, but can be adjusted to fit any height as well. Shop our selection online today to find your perfect cane!



Hand Carved Spiral Derby

We are excited to introduce you to our new store and completely new and expanded range of Canes, Walking Sticks, Umbrellas, Men’s Gifts, and Home Care Accessories. We have searched to world to bring these products to you and are proud to offer many items made in the USA.

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