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Cane You Handle it? Delightfully Unique Ways to Customize Your Canes' Handle

Cane You Handle it? Delightfully Unique Ways to Customize Your Canes' Handle

Across America, about 6.8 million people use a walking cane or other walking device to assist in their mobility. It is certainly comforting to know that you are far from alone in your cane usage, but with being grouped with so many others with classy canes you may want yours to stand out. One easy way to take your walking cane from boring to elegant is with a custom cane handle.

Personally Engraved Handles

Add a bit of yourself to your walking cane by engraving it. Many canes already have brass handles for comfort and durability, and this makes a perfect engraving surface. Wondering what on earth you would want to permanently put on your cane? Some personal engraving options are your name, initials, a short message if you are giving it as a gift to someone, an inspiring quote, or even your contact information in case you lose your stylish cane.

Sculpted Animal Head

To distinguish your cane handle from that of other classy canes, have it shaped into the head of an animal. This technique works with a variety of materials including wood, chrome, and brass. The animal that you choose is completely up to your personal tastes. A popular choice is the horse head cane, which can either have the whole handle as the horse's head or the handle as the horse's neck with the head just at the cane's tip. An animal like the eagle can represent your patriotism or simply represent your dignified tastes.

Knob At The Top

If you do not need a long handle on your cane, you can choose the knob design instead. This certainly falls into the category of classy canes, as it does not resemble the typical image of a cane and instead looks more like a walking stick. These knobs can be made out of almost any material, including brass, wood, silver, and more. You can have your knob decorated with a simply designed engraving or sculpted into the shape of a rose. Knobs can also be turned into the head of your favorite animal, flower, or more.

Palm Grip Handles

This type of style is both aesthetically-pleasing and more functional for some. Rather than a handle with the traditional rounded top, palm grip handles are flattened and contoured at the top for your palm to wrap around. This creates a sturdy foundation for the user to grip and rest their weight on. It may be especially useful for those with bigger hands and or those with arthritic hands that have trouble closing around a traditional handle. Palm grip handles can be made of a comfortable synthetic material or of wood for a beautifully rustic feel.

As your cane functions to improve your balance, reduce your risk of falling, and decrease the weight on your lower-body joints, your custom cane handle will make you proud to show it off to friends and family. You'll be able to get the support you need in your own unique style.