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7 Wooden Canes for Modest and Discerning Folks

7 Wooden Canes for Modest and Discerning Folks

Wooden canes were the first canes to exist. Forged from what the forest provided, people who needed mobility devices used sticks to craft a means for safer transportation. Today, the tradition carries on. Every 11 seconds sees an older adult treated in the emergency room for injuries sustained after falling. Wooden walking canes can help prevent this. So, if you are looking for classy walking canes that also remain reserved and conservative, here are some examples of your options.


If you seek a lightweight mobility device with a distinctive look, then look no further. Bamboo is hollow, giving the characteristic lightness. It also has a notched appearance and faded tannish yellow color, making it remarkably noticeable.

Swedish Birch

A white to light brown, straight grain finish, this wood is of the most refined quality for only the most discerning patrons. Fastened upon a black shaft, this wood is striking, to say the least.


An almost blonde wood, cherry is revered for its symbolism and in its shine. If you like the brightness of a summer day, cherry is your prime choice.


A creamy, faded milk chocolate color brown with a high gloss finish makes walnut wooden canes a spectacle for people who enjoy walking in the park.


A fascinating wood, chestnut shifts smoothly from an almost oak hue all the way to that of walnut. Its varied colors and textures make it inquisitive and desirable.


The rich, dark brown color of an oak cane completely steals the show. It's hard to get more classy and reserved than this.

Raw Bark Finish

For any of the above wooden can options, you can also choose to have a version with the bark still affixed. It is polished and glossed over to maintain comfort in your hand, yet it provides an elevated aesthetic intrigue compared with all other offerings.

Cool walking canes are not always the ones with fancy features. Sometimes classical aesthetics triumph over modern flash. If you are in need of a mobility device and find yourself aligned with this traditionalist ideology, then browse our online store today.