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8 Ways to Customize Your Cane

8 Ways to Customize Your Cane

If you feel like you would benefit from a mobility assistance device, you are far from alone. In fact, approximately 6.8 million people in the United States utilize assistive devices to aid their mobility. One of the most popular, compact, and aesthetic options available is a cane. When deciding between walking canes, you should decide what specific features you need and desire.

Types of Canes

  1. Walking canes are what people think of when they picture this classy, regal walking device. These are the best canes for stability that are subtle but effective. When looking at walking canes, you will have plenty of options to choose from.
  2. Cane handles come in many shapes. The crook cane is the traditional upside down ‘U’ shape which provides ample hand space and allows you to use your cane to hook around things. The straight handle cane meets with the shaft of the cane at a 90-degree angle. This cane handle will reduce stress to the hand with extended use. An offset handle allows for better weight distribution and is shaped like a question mark. Ball handles are often the most aesthetic option as they feature a sphere sitting atop the body of the cane, which offers a number of opportunities for customization. These are not the most comfortable for everyone, however, so understand what you want most from your cane before considering these.
  3. Cane handle materials range from foam to to gemstones. The most common grip materials you’ll find are wood, gel, foam, brass, and custom formed handles to fit the user's hand. Brass cane handles are durable and classy, while gel and custom grips will be much more comfortable.
  4. Cane materials refer to the materials of the body of the cane. Though they are typically a hardwood that’s been polished, there are also options in aluminum, bone, or even carbon fiber.
  5. Folding canes are especially helpful if you're more active. They fold away for when you are on an adventure or if you need to store them in an out of the way place.
  6. Quad canes have four tips at the bottom. This adds to stability and acts as a middle ground between canes and walkers.
  7. Canes with seats rovide a ready-made fold out chair for you if you need to sit down. This is an awesome way to continue being active while bringing a chair with you wherever you go.
  8. Sword canes are few and far between, but they exist. The handle of a sword cane pulls out and reveals that the cane itself is hollow, and the cane handle is actually the handle of a sword. Pair this with brass cane handles and you'll have a deadly aesthetic walking device. Be careful with this one!

No matter which kind of cane you want or need, there are options that cater to your unique needs and taste. From brass cane handles to swords in disguise, the cane market is filled with intriguing and artistic walking assistance devices that can keep you on your feet.