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3 Types of Walking Canes and Why They are Good Ideas

3 Types of Walking Canes and Why They are Good Ideas

Did you know that two of the most common reasons elderly people fall are dizziness or unsteadiness when standing or walking? As you age, your balancing abilities and hand-eye coordination skills age with you. There are numerous reasons for this, but in order to stay steady on your feet, you might need some support. A cane for walking is a great way to increase stability. Even young people use walking sticks while hiking for extra balance.

If you're looking for distinguished walking canes for sale this winter, here are three of our favorite options:

Canes for Better Mobility

Nobody should feel limited by their balance. Canes and walking sticks are a time-tested solution for mobility issues and are still used today due to their efficacy and sturdiness. So, what are some examples of excellent canes?

Crook Handle

This is what you would think of as a classic and simple cane. The 'U' shaped shepherd's handle fits your hand nicely, while also giving you the added functionality of hooking around objects that might be out of reach.

Blackthorn Walking Stick

Walking sticks might not have a handle per say, but some do. One type of walking stick grip is at the top where the wood is rounded out into a sphere. Another way walking sticks are made is with a strap or lanyard-like loop of fabric that you put your hand through, gripping the stick by its length. These grips might only provide a small amount of stability, but they sure are stylish.

Folding Canes

These are particularly useful if you don't require a cane at all times. Collapsible, telescopic, and folding canes all make for quick space saving options for car rides or for whenever you get tired of walking with a cane in your hand. Folding canes give you the option to have help balancing when you need it without a bulky cane taking up space.

Whichever type of cane for walking you like, it is a good investment in your safety and continued mobility. There are so many other stunningly aesthetic cane options. Anything from brass handles to wizard-like staffs, you are spoiled for choice. If you're interested in a classic cane to help with walking, check out our inventory and find the highest quality materials and most classy looks that appeal to you.