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5 Factors of Cane Comfort and Utility

5 Factors of Cane Comfort and Utility

There are 4.8 million Americans who walk with a cane, accounting for 70% of all mobility device use in the country. As the most popular way to assist with walking, canes for better mobility are a critically important tool for the safety of people both old and young everywhere. Walking canes are just as simple as they are important. All you need to have a fully functioning walking cane is a sturdy shaft, a comfortable handle, and a rubber stopper to add grip to any surface. Yet, despite such amazing simplicity, there are still many options for both style and comfort. Here are a few examples.

Brass Handles

Brass handle canes often have inscribed or embossed designs, making them bespoke and distinguished amongst the daily banality or regular life.

Different Wood

Cherry, oak, willow, and even bamboo are all amazing options for the shaft of your walking cane. Whichever type of wood you choose, there will be many different ways woodworkers choose to carve it. The malleability of wood as a building material allows canes to take on beautifully artistic shapes.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks tend to be much more personalized. You could literally walk into the woods and find a stick that speaks to you and use it as a mobility aid. Walking sticks you find in stores, though, tend to be highly polished and ergonomically designed.

Useful Features

One useful feature you will find on some walking canes is a fold-out seat. This will allow you to walk longer distances knowing that when you need to take a break, you will have a chair at the ready.

Different Grips

Everyone has a different anatomy, and thus, everyone will grip their mobility aid in a slightly different way. A ball handle grip might be preferred by some, and completely intolerable for others. The same can be said for a hook grip and any other handle shape.

Walking with a cane can give you more stability and confidence to tackle everyday tasks. From moving around the house to taking a walk in the park, walking canes are a safe, simple, and functional way to help you get around.