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4 Cool Celebrities Who Walked With a Cane

4 Cool Celebrities Who Walked With a Cane

Using a cane for mobility might feel a little bit undignified, especially if you pride yourself on independence and stature. The truth is, though, walking with a cane can be even cooler and more classy than walking without one. There are many cool walking canes out there, and many fascinating people that use them. Here are some examples of this phenomenon in popular culture.

Chuck Bass

Played by Ed Westwick, Chuck Bass is a suave debonaire character on Gossip Girl, and style is his forte. The fact, then, that when his character injured his leg, he opted for a cane over crutches speaks volumes to how cool walking canes can be.


Now, Gandalf is definitely a fictional character, but there was nothing fictional about how powerful Sir Ian McKellen looked in The Lord of the Rings trilogy with his magic staff. If you have a long grey beard on top of a cane shaped like a wizard's staff, then you get bonus points.

Scott Disick

A TV personality on Keeping up With the Kardashians and husband to Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick introduced canes to his personal wardrobe as a stylish fashion accessory. This, if anything, is proof that canes can be cool in pop culture outside of character necessity.

Doctor House

There has never been a cooler TV doctor before or since the drama series House had a fantastic run. Featuring Hugh Laurie as the ever-crotchety and ruthlessly pragmatic Dr. House, Laurie's character suffered a muscular injury in his leg which left him limping for eight straight seasons. This character trait contributed a lot to his perceived swagger and unique narcissistic charm.

Of course, canes are not all about looking cool or dignified. They are tools to assist you with mobility. The unfortunate truth is that too many Americans need to walk with a cane, but feel too self-conscious to do so. This shouldn't worry you at all. You should be able to enjoy walking and be safe doing so. Just look at the immeasurably confident and cool individuals above. If anything, walking with a cane has contributed to the very confidence they needed to do so in the first place.