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Stay Sturdy on Your Feet with the Help of a Cane

Stay Sturdy on Your Feet with the Help of a Cane

Losing's one independence is probably the thing that rankles most senior citizens as they age. Their minds may be sharp as a tack, but sometimes their bodies aren't quite following through. Unfortunately, one in four older adults will fall annually in the United States, and over half of these falls happen at home. It's alarming for both the elderly and their caregivers, and recovery from a fall can be much slower than when they were younger. However, canes for better mobility can help senior citizens stay active and independent for much longer, while also staying safe. For those with a sharp fashion sensibility, don't worry! There are stylish canes, elegant walking canes, and decorative canes, so you can stay fashion forward while still getting the stability you need.

Why Should I Think About a Cane?

As the famous saying goes, getting old ain't for sissies! On an annual basis, over two million senior citizens are in the emergency room because of injuries sustained by a fall. The most common reasons for falls among the elderly are unsteadiness or dizziness when they're standing up or walking. A cane can help alleviate some of that concern and provide better balance and stability.

If you've been recently frustrated by not being able to move around as freely as you used to, consider looking into canes for better mobility and extra reassurance. Sure, you might have to go a little slower than you're used to, but you'll still be able to do things under your own power. Almost seven million Americans use assistive mobility devices like canes to help them get around, so you're certainly not alone.

How Can a Cane Help Me?

Whether you're recovering from an injury or simply need a little more help navigating surfaces, a cane can be quite useful. It's something you can literally lean on to provide support and stability. A cane is best for someone who only needs a little help in these areas -- for someone who needs more advanced help, a walker might be the way to go.

A cane can help bring you and any caregivers peace of mind. Your risk of falling is reduced and that fear won't be in the back of your -- or their -- minds as much when you're walking with the assistance of a cane. If you've been irked by incessant check-ins or over-solicitous behavior, having a cane for support may also make family or friends more comfortable leaving you alone and lessen those check-ins.

A cane can also help grant you more independence by improving your mobility. If you weren't moving around much because you were afraid of falling or you had a limited range of where you could go (depending on what you could hold onto), canes for better mobility can open up a ton of possibilities. You may find that you feel (and are) more self-sufficient and you won't require as much as help with certain tasks or activities going forward as you previously did.

Where Can I Find a Cane That Suits My Needs?

There are two main types of canes -- a single-tipped cane and one with four prongs (also known as a quad cane). The best way to figure out what suits your needs the best is to speak with your doctor, who can recommend one or the other. For those looking for more stability, a quad cane is probably best.

You'll also want to make sure that your cane fits your height (at wrist-level) and that you're using it on the side opposite your weakest leg.

For those looking for a bit more panache, consider checking online for stylish canes or fancy walking canes -- or even ones that you can customize yourself! The sky is the limit!

Don't hesitate to look into canes for better mobility if you're feeling unsteady on your feet. You'll join the almost five million other Americans who walk with a cane every day and not just increase your safety, but also improve how you get around.