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Choosing a Cane Know These Three Options

Choosing a Cane Know These Three Options

Many Americans suffer from mobility issues whether they're caused by time in the military, medical difficulties, or old age. Without assistance for these mobility issues, injury is a constant threat. In fact, two million elderly Americans suffer from life-threatening injuries caused by falls every year.

Wooden canes can keep you safe from the threat of falls caused by mobility issues. However, the question remains: what kind of wooden cane or walking stick may be best for as your mobility issues continue to develop?

Choosing Your Cane Type

Wooden canes come in a variety of styles and types of woods. Yet for the sake of this article we will stick to the three basic types of cane: offset-handle, straight, and quad.

Offset-handle canes have a curve in the upper shaft area resembling the neck of a swan that allows the user to place their weight over the tip. This allows for additional stability for the user. These types of canes are often made from aluminum, but some are made from wood if you prefer a more traditional look to your cane.

Straight canes are the most traditional of aluminum and wooden canes. They have a basic, L-shaped, or rounded handle. These types of canes, typically used for those with slight mobility challenges, can also come as folding canes for the American on the go.

Quad canes are great for those who require a lot of support for proper mobility and require support that will hold most of their weight. They can stay standing even when the user lets go of it, which is great for those who need help standing as well as walking. Quad canes typically come with a base of four tips for maximum stability.

How Can You Stay Unique With Your Cane?

Ageing doesn't have to mean losing your sense of self. Mobility issues are common among elderly Americans, but your style will always be uniquely you. So how can you transfer that personality to your wooden canes?

House of Canes offers a wide variety of decorative canes for those elderly Americans who are looking for that little bit of jazz in their step. Whether you're looking for a horse head cane to aid your balance while you're off to the races or you're just looking for a little glamour with a white ash handle, House of Canes has a variety of classy canes to keep you mobile and to keep you happy.