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3 Great Gifts to Give Your Great Grandparents

3 Great Gifts to Give Your Great Grandparents

The holidays are over and you’re probably left with some pretty cool gifts that your grand parents (or great grandparents) gave you. All you gave them was some cookies and a gift card, if that.

Your grandparents deserve so much more. So it’s time to give back and show your appreciation for all they have done for your entire family. Here are some excellent gifts for your elderly loved ones:

Elegant walking canes

It’s no secret that standing and walking becomes extremely difficult with age. In fact, there are roughly 6.8 million American senior citizens who currently use assistive devices like custom walking canes to aid their mobility. But most people won’t admit to needed mobility assistance until it’s too late. Rather than waiting too long, purchase some elegant walking canes for your grandparents to enjoy. Not only are these stylish canes visually appealing, they will help your grandparents as they move throughout the day and limit their chances of falling over.

Help them setup social media accounts

Your grandparents (or great grandparents) probably aren’t too concerned with social media, primarily because they don’t understand it all that well. If you help them set up these accounts, however, and show them how easy it is for them to stay in touch with their family and some of their old friends, they will be ecstatic. You don’t have to show them all the fancy features on these sites or show them how to do everything, but simply showing them how to check in on their grandkids and look at family pictures will be wonderful.

Take them to a museum of their choice

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for instance, is great for senior citizens who were big music fans in their day. Giving your grandparents a trip to the Rock Hall will not only allow you to bond together, but will give them a chance to look back on decades of musical wonder that they most likely haven’t thought about in years.

Give your grandparents something a little nicer than the occasional phone call this year. If you want to find elegant walking canes or other mobility assistance products, contact the House of Canes today.