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House of Canes is an industry-leading online retailer and manufacturer of superior cane walking stick collections! We create functional, long-lasting, and stylish canes that offer reliable walking support for improving health and safety. Our incredible selection of canes for sale offers an extensive design variety available for all preferences. You’ll discover everything from designer styles, precious metal, and wooden canes to novelty, hiking stick, folding, umbrella, and seat canes. Our creators utilize the highest quality materials in every cane and walking stick to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. We make it easy to find the right style cane that fits your needs at House of Canes! Check out our exceptional cane walking sticks today.

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Category: Novelty
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  1.  Replica Eagle Head
  2. Alligator
  3. Alligator in Brass
    Alligator in Brass
    As low as $48.00
  4. Alydar
  5. Antique Scrimshaw Acorn Crook Handle
  6. Antique Scrimshaw Afghan Man
  7. Antique Scrimshaw Bald Eagle Head
  8. Antique Scrimshaw Bird of Prey Bulb Handle
  9. Antique Scrimshaw Bull Dog Head Handle
Grid List

Items 1-9 of 131

Set Descending Direction