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Palm Grip Canes
These palm grip canes are specially designed for ultimate comfort and support. The special palm grip naturally conforms to the shape of your hand, allowing for you to comfortably grip the handle. The contoured handle design also evenly distributes your body weight for added stability without stressing your wrist, fingers or hand. Aside from comfort, palm grip canes are extremely durable.

At House of Canes, we offer a wide variety of soft-touch and acrylic handle options for everyone’s particular needs. When choosing a model, keep in mind that palm grip canes are made specifically to fit either your left or right hand. We have many colors and styles to choose from, so find one today that best suits you!
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  1. Amber Comfort Palm
    Amber Comfort Palm
    As low as $48.80
  2. Marbleized Comfort Palm
  3. Amber Palm Grip On Blackthorn shaft
  4. Marbleized Palm Grip Folding
  5. Harvy Grip Handle
    Harvy Grip Handle
    As low as $72.50
  6. Titanic Blue Palm Grip
  7. Wood Tone Palm Grip
    Wood Tone Palm Grip
    As low as $34.00
  8. Amber Acrylic On Cherry-Left Hand Palm Grip
  9. Palm Grip Folding Cane
Grid List

Items 1-9 of 17

Set Descending Direction