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Of all mobility device users in the U.S., 70% walk with a cane, meaning 4.8 million people in the United States use canes. This makes them the most popular choice for a mobility aid. Why? Well, here are some of the top reasons.
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Walking is a fundamental movement that just about all species participate in (minus sea creatures, of course). Yet as people age or recover from an injury, walking seems less like a natural activity and more like a challenge. However, it's important for people of all ages to walk as often as possible for the various health benefits. Even those recovering from an injury can do themselves good by taking a walk now and again.
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As you age, certain activities can become more challenging than they were before. If you have trouble walking or maintaining balance, you might consider using an assistive device. Canes are used by 10.2% of Americans over the age of 65, making them the most popular walking aid. There are a number of different cool walking canes to choose from, each supporting a unique use. Here are some examples.
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For older adults, more than 50% of falls happen at home. This means that while you might want to use decorative walking canes while out in public, you might want to consider other mobility devices for at home use. Classy canes are cool and all, but you need to take care of yourself first. Here are some examples of ways to make your home more mobility friendly.
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Using a cane for mobility might feel a little bit undignified, especially if you pride yourself on independence and stature. The truth is, though, walking with a cane can be even cooler and more classy than walking without one. There are many cool walking canes out there, and many fascinating people that use them. Here are some examples of this phenomenon in popular culture.
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There are 4.8 million Americans who walk with a cane, accounting for 70% of all mobility device use in the country. As the most popular way to assist with walking, canes for better mobility are a critically important tool for the safety of people both old and young everywhere. Walking canes are just as simple as they are important. All you need to have a fully functioning walking cane is a sturdy shaft, a comfortable handle, and a rubber stopper to add grip to any surface. Yet, despite such amazing simplicity, there are still many options for both style and comfort. Here are a few examples.
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About 4.8 million Americans (70% of mobility device users) walk with a cane, making canes the most widely used mobility devices in the United States. Custom walking canes have countless uses that enhance safety and mobility, but it can be difficult to determine whether or not you actually need one. If you're not sure whether or not you need mobility assistance with a walking cane, it's important to ask yourself some questions to gain some insight. Here are just a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you could benefit from a cane for walking.
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One of the leading causes of emergency room visits is accidental falls in the elderly population. Every 11 seconds, a senior citizen is treated for injuries sustained in a fall at hospitals nationwide. The most common way to prevent falls like this happening to you is by using an assistive walking device. Canes are quite useful but don't think that they can't also be stylish. Here are some classy canes you can feel comfortable using away from home.
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For elderly individuals, more than half of all falls happen at home. As we age, balance and mobility can suffer. Worldwide, people depend on mobility devices like canes to get around. There are many different materials they can be made from. One such material is carbon fiber. Given its lightweight and high strength properties, carbon fiber is used to make many different products. Here are just a few.
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Each year in the United States, one in four elderly individuals falls down. This can cause hip fractures, sprained or broken wrists, and a number of other injuries that can make life difficult for older people. Canes or walking sticks have been the tried and true method of mobility assistance for most of human history, and it is no different today. Using canes for better mobility can improve your quality of life, and be a stylish alternative to other walking aides. Besides, there are many cool walking canes that have been used throughout history.
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