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In the United States, about 6.8 million people use devices like canes to assist in their mobility. Walking canes help to relieve back pain, maintain balance, and eliminate tension on joints and bones in general. Canes are very easy to customize with a wide range of style and designs, but one outstanding variety is folding walking sticks. If you're looking to invest in a cane to aid your mobility, consider these important benefits of folding canes.
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The style of your cane can say a lot about your personality. A natural wood cane is a refined choice that can closely resemble a walking stick rather than a cane. The choice of wood is important when you're picking out a cane. As the most widely used mobility device in the United States, with 4.8 million Americans using them, you want your cane to stand out. Weigh the options of different types of wood to pick out your perfect cane.
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Losing's one independence is probably the thing that rankles most senior citizens as they age. Their minds may be sharp as a tack, but sometimes their bodies aren't quite following through. Unfortunately, one in four older adults will fall annually in the United States, and over half of these falls happen at home. It's alarming for both the elderly and their caregivers, and recovery from a fall can be much slower than when they were younger. However, canes for better mobility can help senior citizens stay active and independent for much longer, while also staying safe. For those with a sharp fashion sensibility, don't worry! There are stylish canes, elegant walking canes, and decorative canes, so you can stay fashion forward while still getting the stability you need.
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It is essential for everyone to have a good quality of life, but it is especially important for seniors who retire from their careers, see their children move into homes of their own, and lose loved ones. Here are tips for anyone who's aging to feel like themselves again.
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There are many reasons why you might find the use of canes to be beneficial. Perhaps you need canes for stability, or maybe you need canes for better mobility. You might just want a cane for walking in general. In any case, it's important to find the right cane for you and your needs. Moreover, you don't need to compromise functionality for style and you can find a large assortment of walking canes that meet those needs and wants. Before you start shopping though, there are a few tips for using a cane you should know about.
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You've heard of bariatric canes, but you don't know what exactly they are. If you have trouble walking or have limited mobility, custom walking canes may be the perfect option for you. 

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Getting older doesn't mean that you can't participate in the various activities that you love to do. It may mean that you just need a little bit more support while doing them though. There are numerous options when it comes to supporting your body, the most common would be canes and walking sticks, or walkers. 

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As people get older, they often need to rely on assistive devices to aid their mobility. These devices not only help your loved one get from point A to point B without much pain, they also help prevent falls. In the United States, 25% of older adults fall each year. When you notice that someone you care about is nearing the point in their lives when they might need canes and walking sticks, you should consider a few things before getting them one.
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Across America, about 6.8 million people use a cane or other walking device to assist in their mobility. It is certainly comforting to know that you are far from alone in your cane usage, but with being grouped with so many others with classy canes you may want yours to stand out. One easy way to take your cane from boring to elegant is with a custom cane handle. 

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Wooden canes were the first canes to exist. Forged from what the forest provided, people who needed mobility devices used sticks to craft a means for safer transportation. Today, the tradition carries on. Every 11 seconds sees an older adult treated in the emergency room for injuries sustained after falling. Wooden canes can help prevent this. So, if you are looking for classy canes that also remain reserved and conservative, here are some examples of your options.
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