When to Use a Cane Instead of Crutches

If you have sustained an injury or have problems with one of your legs, you may need some form of support when you walk. But there are different types of stability devices you can use. Most common among them are canes and crutches. Learn when it’s appropriate to use a cane instead of crutches.

You Have Chronic Pain

For chronic pain resulting from conditions such as arthritis that are persistent but not extreme, you can probably use a cane rather than crutches. Though you may need some extra support to relieve some of the pain by redistributing your weight, chronic pain shouldn’t render you completely unable to walk. A cane is usually enough in these kinds of instances.

You Can Place Weight on Both Legs

If you have an injury in one of your leg, but can still place weight on that side safely, you should choose a cane. When you step forward with the injured leg, you should also hold the cane in the opposite hand, parallel with that leg’s movement. This will evenly distribute weight between the injured leg and the cane. Eventually, when your leg heals, you can resume walking normally without having to change too much about your gait. A crutch in this case would be too drastic a measure, as it is only necessary when you must completely protect the hurt leg from pressure.

You Have Problems with Balance

Some people struggle with keeping their balance because of a variety of factors, including stroke or inner ear problems. You can use a cane to help you hold steady if you struggle with balance issues. Instead of holding it on the opposite side of a weaker leg like you would for an injury or chronic pain, you should hold the cane in front of you. This will help you to avoid falling forward or backward by placing your weight on three points that form a stable triangle.

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