custom walking canesBariatric: Breaking it down

Bariatrics refers to the branch of medicine and medical treatment that prevents and treats obesity. As such, a bariatric cane is designed for the use of people of all shapes and sizes with limited mobility. Weight gain is common as people grow older, and you deserve a cane that's going to support your mobility no matter your size. In fact, over two million seniors fall each year, resulting in a trip to the emergency room. Whether you need a cane due to arthritis, weight gain, or injury, a bariatric cane is a perfect option for durable, custom walking canes on the market.

What makes them so durable?

Bariatric canes are usually made of aluminum or steel. This enables the cane to hold weights of up to 500 pounds, making this an incredibly durable material designed to last a long time compared to decorative canes on the market.

However, carbon fiber cane options and wooden canes are also popular options for bariatric mobility support. 

The structure of a bariatric cane

Like most options on the market, bariatric canes are designed to improve mobility; but concerns regarding customizability may leave you feeling like you don't have any options to choose from. Luckily, this isn't the case with bariatric canes. You have the ability to choose from a single shaft, tripod frame canes, quad canes, and a slew of different handle options to suit your style and desired level of comfort. The two most popular options for handles are the Hercules offset handle and the Hercules derby handle. 

Where can I find custom walking canes near me?

Many manufacturers offer canes for better mobility, but none do it better than House of Canes. You can even order online and they will ship it directly to your home. Along with bariatric cane options, House of Canes offers a wide variety of walking sticks, folding canes, and design options. For more information on custom walking canes, visit to get the perfect cane for you. 

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