Signs You Might Need a Walking Cane

A cane is highly valuable tool that provides extra stability to people who have trouble walking. Even as your strides gradually become more hindered, it can be difficult to know whether or not you really need to use a cane. Keep a vigilant eye out for these signs you might need a walking cane so that you can get the proper support when you need it.

You Rely on One Foot

Among the most apparent signs you may require a cane is that walking is becoming difficult. You may have developed a noticeable limp, or you may drag one foot consistently. Both of these create an imbalance, causing you to rely on one leg or foot than the other. Over time, the foot you don’t fully use can lose muscular strength while the one you do use becomes strained. A cane can help you recover a more normal walking motion so that this doesn’t occur.

You Experience Back Pain

Back pain may be so unpleasant that it prohibits you from moving around as much as you would like. Over time, it can also cause you to start hunching over, which only exacerbates the situation by increasing tension in your muscles. The support a cane offers can aid you in standing and walking more upright.

You Struggle to Maintain Balance

This may manifest in a number of ways. You may begin feeling close to falling much more frequently than before when you walk, or you may trip more often. If you must grab onto nearby furniture to remain upright, you may need a cane. Such a habit may be enough to help you in your home, but when you venture outside, there won’t always be suitable objects to hold.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to consult with your doctor on whether or not you need a cane. House of Canes has an expansive selection of canes to fit your specific requirements, including walking canes with seats and traditional-style canes. Contact us or visit our website to get yours today.