folding walking sticksPeople come in many shapes and sizes, and with 10.2% of Americans aged 65 and over using a cane, those canes should also vary in design accordingly. In part one of this series we discussed the options of palm grip canes, folding walking sticks, and extra tall canes. If you're still searching for the cane made for you, keep reading to discover four more cane options.

Canes With A Seat

You may have seen walkers that have a seat built into them for when the user needs to sit, but you may not have known that canes can offer that option as well. In a similar fashion to folding walking sticks, a cane with a seat can be folded up so that it functions like a regular cane and then collapsed down so that a small stool-like seat rests on three legs. These canes are perfect for those who need to get off of their feet every so often or for occasions when you know you'll be left standing for long periods of time.

Hand Carved Wooden Canes

For those who can use a standard cane but want to make it a bit different, hand carved wooden canes give a touch of personality and sophistication. The design possibilities with hand carving are practically endless. You can have the handle carved into the shape of a horse or bird, or into an intricate pattern. The staff of the cane can also be carved into an interesting design or shape.

Fashionable Canes

In the same way that hand carved canes add a bit of personalization, so do fashionable canes. These canes come in a wide range of patterns, designs, and colors to fit any user's personality. For many people, style is important and an unattractive cane could ruin their entire aesthetic. Fashionable canes allow people to have the walking support they need while maintaining their style.

Umbrella Canes

For ultimate versatility, umbrella canes are a great option. When the umbrella part is folded down, it acts as a typical cane. Unlike an umbrella with a cane handle, this device will give you the full support that you need from a cane. When it starts to sprinkle, you can open up the umbrella part and stay dry.

From folding walking sticks to umbrella canes, the possibilities for cane customization are wide open. If you want to learn more about your options with these handy mobility devices, contact House of Canes today!