folding walking stickWhile everyone can surely picture what a cane looks like when asked, they probably all picture the same standard cane with a C-shaped crook. In reality, there is a wide variety of cane types on the market for those who need mobility aids. Each type serves a specific purpose and are options for the 40% of Americans aged 85 and over who use mobility devices. Discover the endless possibilities in the world of canes and find the one that is just right for you.

Palm Grip Canes

A typical cane would be something in the Charlie Chaplin style: simple and wooden with a small curved handle. While that type of handle looked good in Chaplin's acts, it doesn't do much good for those who need more support when they walk. Palm grip handles are flat on the top and typically designed to fit either your right or left hand. This gives you a custom-like fit that you can feel confident holding and leaning on. These cane handles are perfect for those who need to put more weight on their cane, but can't grip a rounded handle well.

Folding Walking Sticks

A great innovation in canes came when they didn't have to be in a straight line at all times. Folding walking sticks can collapse into three sections and fold in on itself. This type of cane is made for those who prefer to tuck their cane away when they're not using it. Whether you're on public transportation, at the movie theatre, or just trying to save space in your apartment, the compactness of folding walking sticks cannot be beaten. These canes are also height adjustable, yet completely stable once you have it set up the way you want.

Extra Tall Canes

As the name suggests, extra tall canes are extra tall. People of all different heights may need the support of a walking cane, but for those on the taller side, a standard cane might just not do it. Extra tall canes are made for those who need a bit of extra height in order for their cane to be effective.

These are just three of your cane options. Continue reading on to part two of this series to discover four more cane possibilities.