natural wood caneThe style of your cane can say a lot about your personality. A natural wood cane is a refined choice that can closely resemble a walking stick rather than a cane. The choice of wood is important when you're picking out a cane. As the most widely used mobility device in the United States, with 4.8 million Americans using them, you want your cane to stand out. Weigh the options of different types of wood to pick out your perfect cane.


Hickory is a dense, hard wood that grows in the eastern half of North America. Hickory trees are commonly found among oak and maple forests. It has a medium-grey coloring with a light texture. Hickory is commonly used for tool handles, canoe paddles, and wheel spokes because of its superior strength.

Black Walnut

These trees are considered a pioneer species, as it tends to populate open field and wetlands in advance of large forest growth. Black walnut is a hardwood that is traditionally used for furniture, flooring, and gun stocks. The hulls have been used to make writing ink and dyes. Black walnut trees are fast-growing, with a two-year-old seedling standing up to eight feet tall. Natural wood canes made of black walnut are typically a reddish-brown and have a more textured appearance.


Oak is a very common tree in the Northern Hemisphere, with about 90 native species in the United States alone. The coloring of oak varies from tree to tree, but they are often a medium-grey color. Oak is a very dense hardwood, giving it the necessary strength for quality walking canes. 


As a tree species on the smaller side, Sassafras is not a common wood for furniture or woodworking. It is more often used to create essential oils for perfume and soaps and it is the primary ingredient for root beer. It's naturally small size makes sassafras perfect for lightweight canes on the tinier end. The color of sassafras depends on its age. Newer branches have a mid-grey color while older have a red-brown color.

Eastern White Pine

This type of pine is the most common tree for sailing ship masts and is often used for furniture work and roughing lumber. Eastern White Pine has a clear, white coloring that darkens to a deep golden orange with age. Natural wood canes made of this wood will have interesting features, with wide grain lines and knot holes.

When you walk with a cane, it becomes an accessory that goes with you everywhere. You want a cane that will work for you at all times and that you feel confident using, so pick a wood that speaks to you and your tastes.

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