decorative walking canesFor older adults, more than 50% of falls happen at home. This means that while you might want to use decorative walking canes while out in public, you might want to consider other mobility devices for at home use. Classy canes are cool and all, but you need to take care of yourself first. Here are some examples of ways to make your home more mobility friendly. 

    1. Handrails
      Handrails are especially useful in the bathroom. You aren't very likely to bring decorative walking canes into the bathroom while you shower, so a handrail could certainly come in handy. 

    2. A Housekeeper
      Tripping can cause even more severe falls than simply losing your balance. If you have stuff constantly on the floor, but not the energy to pick it up, you might consider hiring a housekeeper to help. 

    3. Grabbers
      Hand held reach extending grabber devices can help you reach things while you are sitting. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend on your feet. 

    4. A Walker
      Walkers are a step beyond canes, and many older adults don't need them full-time. Still, they can be used as a leverage point to help you stand up more securely than with a cane.
    5. Geriatric Canes
      Designed with an ergonomic handle and shaft, geriatric canes can reduce the impact to your hand while you walk with them. 

    6. Wheeled Chairs
      If you are doing a project in your office, standing and sitting all of the time can get tiring. If you want to navigate your office in an easier way, get a chair with wheels and roll everywhere. 

    7. Shoe Shelves
      Instead of needing to bend down to pick up your shoes, place them on a shoe rack next to your decorative walking canes for mobility. This will make getting out the door much easier. 

The best way to approach home mobility issues is holistically. Think of all the different ways your home could be modified in a way that would benefit your ability to get around. Don't become the victim of poor mobility. Instead, make your house work for you. This way you will be able to enjoy your classy canes out in public, where they belong. 

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Paul Murtha