folding walking stick

In the United States, about 6.8 million people use devices like canes to assist in their mobility. Walking canes help to relieve back pain, maintain balance, and eliminate tension on joints and bones in general. Canes are very easy to customize with a wide range of style and designs, but one outstanding variety is folding walking sticks. If you're looking to invest in a cane to aid your mobility, consider these important benefits of folding canes.


As the name implies, folding walking sticks can be folded down into several parts. This handy feature makes it easy for you to fit the cane in your purse or briefcase when you don't need it. Folding canes can even shrink down into a small enough size to fit into a desk drawer. For those who use public transportation, you don't have to worry about juggling a cane on crowded buses or trains when you have the option to fold it. They can easily fit under seats or be tucked into a bag. For those who drive, the canes fit nicely into the side of your car seat for easy access. When traveling by plane, most airlines will not count your cane as your one carry-on piece, and it can easily fit into overhead storage.


A folding walking stick can be folded down to just 11 inches in length. This compact size is ideal for those who have a small apartment or drive a tiny smart car. Compared to the typical three to four foot canes that tend to take up space, folding canes do not take up much room for storage. For those who need a cane for low-key walking support, rather than a constant aid, a folding cane allows you to be discreet about your cane use. When you go to a show at your local theatre or a nice dinner with family and friends, you can tuck the cane into your purse to take it out of sight.

Height Adjustable

Traditional canes have one set height. You would need exact measurements to have a cane that is the perfect fit and comfortable to use. After spending money on that cane, it can be frustrating when it is not the correct size. Using a cane at the improper height can also aggravate your existing pain and give you new injuries. With a folding cane, you can easily increase or decrease the height until it feels right. The pieces all fit together no matter what order they're put in, so the height can be adjusted just for you.

When you can move around easily with no pain or discomfort, you'll be more likely to improve your overall health. Start living life to the fullest with a folding cane that makes all of your mobility dreams come true.