The Difference Between Canes & Walking Sticks

1). the offset T-shape or 2). the Crook (candy cane)

how to walk"Walking Stick" is a more general term which can be applied to every type of stick or cane. It can be made of 1, 2 or 3 pieces, it can have a fancy, uncomfortable handle, no handle, or a knob handle. It can have a rubber tip, a flat metal tip (ferrule), or a hiking spike. It can be any length the user prefers. Some Walking Sticks can be used very effectively as a support cane.

how to hold your caneNot all canes and walking sticks are made to support weight. Use discretion and common sense in the case of canes which are very thin or have a dual use or feature. For example, for a sore ankle use a support cane, not a sword cane.

Ladies or Men's, What's the Difference?

Generally, if a man and woman are the same height and weight, the man's hand will still be larger than the woman's and he will be stronger and capable of bearing down on the cane harder. So a man usually needs a larger dimension cane than a woman.

However, there can be a cross over and a slight man can use a woman's size cane and a larger woman will use a man's cane. Weight is more important than height in determining if a cane is right for a customer. We have tried to indicate a suitable weight range that each particular can will support for a man or woman - examples:? (95-150 lbs.F),? (185-240 lbs.M),? (125-230 lbs.F&M),? where F=female and M=male. Hope that works for you!

Caring for Your Cane & Other Helpful Hints

how to lean your cane against a wall

When leaning your cane against a flat wall, place it on its head/handle and allow the rubber to touch the wall (as shown here). This grips and prevents your cane from slipping to the floor.

Clean your cane with a simple furniture lemon oil. It is usually obtainable in your local supermarket. Camouflage nicks and scratches in dark wood by touching the spot with a waterproof black or dark brown felt tip pen, then rubbing it with a soft tissue or cloth. It's remarkable how well this works, and it's so simple.

NOTE: If you have a naturally oiled cane, the lemon oil rub is especially helpful in maintaining a soft luster, a clean look, and supple wood.

Any metal on the cane can be kept shiny and clean with a good silver polish. A rouge cloth can be used for touch-up between cleanings.

When out in public, ladies, use the strap rather than placing your cane in a shopping basket or on a counter; it's less likely to be stolen.

Never put your cane on the roof of a car while opening the door. This is a very common way to lose your cane. If necessary, place the cane on the hood of the car near the windshield wipers; this way, you'll see the cane before you drive off.

Because canes are constantly being dropped, occasionally examine the handle for cracks and looseness. If there is a problem, send it to us to be repaired before it breaks.

Occasionally, pieces chip off the wooden handle when the cane is dropped. In most cases, this can be repaired. Call us if you have a problem.

Rubber tips can often be found at Ace Hardware stores or other stores which specialize in do-it-yourself construction. If you ask for rubber tips for the bottom of chairs or tables, you are more likely to find a local source for rubber tips. You will need to know the diameter of the bottom of your cane. Determine this by measuring the wood immediately above the present rubber tip. If your old rubber tip does not come off easily, then cut it with a razor blade. Never glue on a rubber tip. If a rubber tip is too large but it's all you have, then wrap the bottom of the cane with tape to make it bigger.

Straps are placed several inches below the handle for a reason. The strap in only meant to be a convenience to enable you to keep the cane with you when you have nowhere to put your cane. It is possible to get tangled up in your strap if your hand is in it while walking and using your cane.

Straps which are permanently applied (#302 strap) can be removed, but will leave an ugly scar if you try to remove the braid which encircles the cane as well as the strap. If you need to remove the strap, simply cut off the loop through which you put your hand and leave the braid in place.